A Little Monday Motivation



Happy Monday everyone- we’re almost through the day. As of right now there are only 55 days until I will be at Lambeau Field for the opening game and kickoff of football season. This Green Bay Packers girl cannot wait! My Monday motivation is one of my fav quotes from of course one of my fav legends- Vince Lombardi. I’ve used this in multiple presentations before and it’s one of those quotes I should probably write on my mirror or my hand- I need this as a daily reminder.

So many times in our lives we find ourselves wanting more, wishing on what could have beens and what ifs’. For those of us in the rare disease space this rings even more true. I wish I would have taken more science classes in college, I wish I could go back to med school or even just take more classes to understand genetics. I also wish someone would finish my laundry, pickup my groceries and for the love of God figure out how to get rid of the mosquitos at night. We always have a wish list and that list grows the more we become involved in something that we love- our passions.

If you’ve read my article on Advocacy you know and are probably part of my crew that fell into this space out of sheer winning/losing the genetic lottery (how do you look at it?). We are anxious to improve science, to further research and to make a difference, find a cure and create the best possible support group for our community. It gets overwhelming. OMG it can be so much sometimes. For every item we cross off the list we add 7 more. The more passionate we get the more we want to do- it can be exhausting and tiring and exciting and fulfilling.

I feel like a huge part of me writing this is to yell at my own self- slow down, take a deep breath and focus on what you CAN do- not what you cannot do. We can’t measure ourselves when we are so far spent and have totally piled endless lists on our plates. We all have different plates- stop trying to pile on your pile what someone else has on theirs. We all handle everything differently and at our own pace- thank goodness because we all have talents and needs to fill.

“….we do with what we have.” If you are feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed at where to get started or how to even finish something- stop right now and make a list. What are your 3 strengths? What about these can you use to incorporate into getting what you need to get done? Rather than trying to fit into a mold and be someone we are not, be who you are and use your own strengths. When we do what we can with what we have, we are able to make measurable differences.

My youngest daughter recently tried out for the next level of competition team at her dance studio. She came home a little disappointed because she was asked to do a certain turn across the floor – one that she hadn’t learned on her previous team. She was really scared that she wouldn’t make it just because she didn’t know this move. When I asked her about the rest of the audition she said she tried extra hard at what she did know to make up for it. She made the team! She made it because she took what she knew and she gave it everything she had. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know that specific turn- she did her best at what she did know and it shined right on to her moving up to the next level of competition team. Interestingly enough, in the last 5 weeks of summer technique class, that non-existent know how of that turn has evolved into her not only learning it but pushing herself to be almost perfect at it (we are never perfect)!

Friends, take what you have and go for it! Find friends and colleagues to fill in the gaps- shine where you know you can. Take what you have and use those skills, that experience, that talent to complete your list, your goals and to feel accomplished in everything you do. You’re a rockstar and you totally got this! Oh- and Go Pack Go!

Loves and hope, Anne

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